Economy Telephone Cards

PCM offers a superb good phone card manufacturer service to cover all of your phone card printing needs. An eco-friendly – phone card printing solution is available at PCM by producing your cards from our superior quality and sustainably-resourced paper products.

  • Secure data – both in uploading and creating data, as well as throughout the production process
  • Secure facility – Be confident in the knowledge that your product is secure until it reaches your customers!
  • Same design facilities and access to our Design Team as with our gift/loyalty cards
  • Scratch-off panels

Paper Phone Cards

    • Material: coated paper,pvc
    • Dimension: ISO CR80,coated paper from 250gsm to 500gsm
    • MOQ: 5000 Piece
    • Personalization: scratch off and pin number,barcode,numbering,glossy or matte effect,signature panel etc

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