Custom Plastic Key Tags

We have accumulated over 50 different molds of our custom plastic key tags . They are made from pvc material, it is the best way to expand your business at a low cost. We offer plastic key tags from single key tag of varying size to key tag  card,wallet card, key tag combinations. You can attach it to your key chain, tuck it into your pocket or give it to others. The plastic key tags can be used for customer rewards,loyalty cards,marketing your business and other applications.

You can add many different personalization to your custom printed plastic key tag cards. For example DOD barcode, magnetic stripe, numbering,hole punching,glossy or matte effect,metallic gold/silver background,signature panel etc.

Part of our custom plastic key tag

Single Key Tag

single key tag

Oval Shaped Key-Tag

Oval Shaped Key Tag

Star Shaped Key Tag

Star Shaped Key Tag

S Shaped Key Tag

S Shaped Key Tag

Name Badge with Ping Backing

name badge with ping backing

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