Fulfillment Service

PCM’s fulfillment service is just tailored for our resellers and partners. We assist multi-national, regional, and small business clients by improving their time to market, identifying logistical efficiency.

How does it work ?

  • Step 1
    Buyer place an order with us and give PCM your customer’s detailed shipping address
  • Step 2
    PCM manufacture the products for you on time
  • Step 3
    PCM package and dispatch the products directly to your customers.

Is it safe for my business ?

This is the 8th year since PCM provided its fulfillment service for all our partners around the world. PCM knows what you are worried about and that’s why we adopt many measures to ensure you,your customer and your business are secured.

Do I need to pay extra fees ?

No. PCM’s fulfillment service is 100% free of charge. If you require fastest shipping,we’ll quote you new shipping price based on the latest shipping rate of DHL/FEDEX/UPS/TNT.

How long is the shipping ?

Since goods are dispatched to your customer directly, the speed is much faster than traditional practice. If any of your order is urgent, you can try our fulfillment service.

e.g. if normal lead time is 7 days for production and 3-5 days for us shipping goods to you,and then you take 3-5 days dispatch goods to your customers. The turnaround time is about 13-17 days. Now use fulfillment service, the total lead time can be shorten to 10-12 days.

Will you contact my customer?

PCM is well-known by its high reputation in printing industry for over 16 years. We promise all customers/partners that PCM will never contact your customer unless we are authorized by you company. What’s more, no label, logos, texts about PCM will be found on the package. It means your customer won’t see any information about PCM but think the goods are shipped by you.