RFID Key Fobs

RFID Keyfob is also known as RFID Key Fobs,RFID Keytag, RFID Keychain, and it is a electronic device used for Access Control, Its  applications can be witnessed at Housing, Underground Parking Lot, Shopping Mall, library, E-Campus, Security Protection, Transportation and E-payment, which make our life comfortable.

Available Chips:

125KHz Chips:EM4102,EM4200,EM4550,T5577,Hitag 1,Hitag S etc
13.56MHz Chips: Mifare 1k,Mifare 4k,Mifare ultralight,I-CODE SLI

Key Feature:

    • ROHS certificated
    • Material: Epoxy,ABS, PVC, Leather
    • Protection: IP67
    • Color: silk printing blue,red,black,transparent etc
    • IUV inkjet number
    • Laser number


    • Access Control & Security
    • Time Attendance
    • Loyalty & Membership Management
    • Ticket & Payment
    • Club/SPA membership management
    • Rewards and promotion

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