Gift Cards

Gift cards are so convenient, affordable to customers for any occasion. Whatever you are large or small companies, gift card is the first thing you may think of if you are eager to expand your sales to a higher level.  Sometimes, customers may lost their gift cards, so what will happen ? As a company, you just get profit without selling anything.

As a professional plastic cards manufacturer in China, companies loved to do their gift cards at PCM. Not only for the great looking of our cards, but also the services we provide. Unlike other companies, Ecardtec treat quality the most important thing we care, then price. We committed to offer top quality gift cards printing at lowest possible price.


  • loco, hico magnetic stripe encoding free
  • barcoding (39 barcode, 128 barcode, EAN13 barcode and QR barcode available)
  • Control numbers
  • Security scratch off panels for special promotions
  • Surface offset printing
  • High-polish over laminates
  • Custom die cut shapes

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